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North Africa Launches Africa Esports Federation

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After the recent announcements by the Global Esports Federation (GEF) and International Esports Federation (IESF) about the launch of their African federation, many have asked how it benefits African esports on the long run.

Some stakeholders have questioned the motive behind the interest by international bodies, while other have expressed that Africa needs it’s own body launched and governed by Africans.

While the African esports community is still trying to digest the launch of 2 different federations, another federation has been launched.

The African Esports Federation was recently announced as a new body launched by Africans.

Few delegates from the northern part of Africa came together to lunch the AEF. This body is led by the Egyptian Minister of Youths and Sports, Dr Ashraf Sobhi.

The announcement has raised a lot of eyebrows across the region. Many have questioned why the meeting, election, leadership and board of directors are all northern Africans, if the supposed plan is for the whole continent.

Emirates News Agency – Emirati Hisham Al-Taher, advisor to the African Esports Federation

The AEF has suggested that 5 deputies representing the geographical regions north, south, east, west and Central Africa will be accommodated.

This proposal has been met with displeasure and lack of interest from majority of the African esports community.

With 3 different African esports federations, gamers and other stakeholders are wondering who really has the interest of the region at heart and is willing to develop the region which is the last frontier of esports.

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