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African Games: Journey To Global Dominance

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In recent years, African gaming has gained popularity due to the increasing number of game producers and players on the continent. From smartphone games to PC and console releases, African video games are finding a place in the global gaming market.

Despite being in its early stages of development, African game production is already making a significant impact. Games that showcase unique cultural influences and tackle significant social challenges are not only enjoyable but also promote African culture and raise awareness of the issues facing the continent.


Leti Arts’ Sweave is a hyper-casual, African-themed creativity game that draws inspiration from the creation of traditional Kente cloth. The objective of the game is to navigate through beautiful and colorful patterns while avoiding challenging obstacles like ring formations and African symbols such as Gye Nyame, Epa, Dono, etc. Sweave’s beauty lies in the fact that players can interact and learn about these symbols, which helps them to imbibe Africa’s rich heritage and culture.

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Shkorey, meaning “darling” in Tigrinya, is an educational game about sexual health, pregnancy, and birth care. Developed in June 2021 in Leeuwarden, Netherlands, in collaboration with Leti Arts, the game provides access to knowledge and information on the human body, safe sex, pre-conception, pregnancy, and raising young children in a culturally sensitive digital game environment for Eritrean people.

Users can also access local healthcare and service providers and other relevant sources of information through the app. Shkorey is also focused on healthcare and service providers who work with Eritrean clients.

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Mama Atingi Shop

Leti Arts and three other gaming studios designed Mama Atingi Shop, a “Serious Game” aimed at teaching young adults the popular concepts of African entrepreneurship. In the game, players run a curio shop, selling cultural artifacts and trinkets to tourists. The game mirrors a common scenario in many popular African destinations. Players complete challenges related to inventory management, investment, and growing their virtual business, which are relatable to real-life scenarios.

Mama Atingi Shop features colorful characters and exciting gameplay that allows players to forget their daily grind and learn about customer care, pricing, and stock management on the go. For those who want to take their knowledge to the next level, additional content is available on atingi.org.

Tap here to play Mama Atingi Shop


Mzito is an African video game based on an ancient folk story. The Mzito is a gifted being given the responsibility of awakening the Sleeping Lions, referring to Africans. The Mzitos travel all over Africa and use their skills to spread the reawakening of the continent.

Developed in 2016 by Weza Interactive Entertainment, a popular African game developer, Mzito is a 2D adventure game for mobile platforms. Players enter the game to play as one of the two Mzitos and embark on an epic journey to save the African continent.

Mzito is still available to play on the Google Play store, but the game’s last update was in 2020.

Tap here to play Mzito

Source: Leti Arts

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