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Africa At EVO2023

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The Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas became the center of attention for the global fighting game community during EVO 2023, captivating the audience and showcasing the skills of the best gamers from around the world.

Africa made a remarkable impression, highlighting its talent pool through the participation of seven gamers from the African community. Notable figures who left their mark include:

  1. Big Bird,  from  Algeria proudly represented Nasr Esports participated in Street Fighter 6. Out of 7083 competitors, he secured a respectable 33rd place.
  2. Queen Arrow, hailing from Kenya and renowned as the queen of African esports. She is a distinguished member of Team Red Bull Gaming and Nibble Africa, showcasing her prowess in Tekken 7. Out of 1578 competitors, she secured 193rd place.
  3. Hamza Solo, a Senegalese gamer affiliated with Solo Esports, showcased his skills in Mortal Kombat. Out of 451 competitors, he secured a respectable 33rd place.
  4. Ismaila, also known as Solo Verix, proudly representing Solo Esports from Senegal. His remarkable achievement of winning a medal and attaining a top 5 position in Guilty Gear underscored his exceptional talent.
  5. Docta Afrikan, representing Cameroon, participated in Street Fighter 6, demonstrating his commitment to the gaming community. Out of 7083 competitors, he secured 257th place.
  6. Ali Mohamed Ali from Senegal coming 257th out of 7,083 in Street Fighter 6 and 65th out of 841 in Dragon Ball Fighter Z
  7. Frionel, hailing from Morocco, made his presence felt across multiple titles, achieving noteworthy rankings:
    • Samurai Showdown – 9th
    • Garou MOTW – 13th
    • KOFXV – 33rd out of 666
    • Street Fighter 6 – 513rd out of 7083

This event marked a significant milestone for Africa, as it was the first time such a substantial number of African gamers participated in EVO. The remarkable performances and success stories have not only enthralled the African Fighting Game community but have also reverberated throughout the entire esports ecosystem.

Numerous stakeholders have expressed their commendation for these exceptional gamers and eagerly anticipate the prospect of more African representatives proudly raising their flags at next year’s EVO tournament.

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