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Nibble Africa Expands Its Horizons With a Content House And Seed Funding To Accelerate Business Growth

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Nibble Africa, a fully-fledged creative agency, lifestyle brand, and esports organization, is
excited to announce the establishment of its content house in Cape Town, aptly called the
Nibble HQ. This strategic expansion follows the successful acquisition of seed funding,
which will play a vital role in empowering the agency’s accelerated growth and further
solidifying its position as a market leader in the advertising space of gaming and esports
As a participant on Pathways, Nibble Africa will benefit from a wide range of support,
including access to industry specialists, business and technical expertise as well as financial
capital to help the business achieve its medium and short term goals.
“Joining Pathways and receiving the support of E Squared is a massive win and reward for a
lot of back-breaking work that has been put in by so many members of the team,” said Glenn
“Dreamer” Kisela, Allan Gray Fellow and CEO of Nibble Africa.
“We approached the gaming and esports model with our own relatively unique approach and
the validation of its potential, three years later, means more than I can put into words.
However, the real work starts now.”
The new content house, located in the heart of Woodstock, marks a significant milestone in
Nibble Africa’s young journey as a growing startup. The modern, spacious & well-situated
home was carefully chosen to foster collaboration, creativity, and innovation among the
company’s growing team. The expansion not only signifies the company’s commitment to
enhancing its content creating capabilities but also its dedication to providing exceptional
services to its valued partners and clients.
Nibble Africa began as an esports organisation back in 2016 before transitioning into
becoming a fully-fledged creative agency, working on an extensive list of brands to assist in
their marketing and content needs in the gaming and esports space. The list of clients, past
and present, range from CIPLA and Incredible Connection to Nasty C and PCBuilder, just to
name a few.
A Venture Builder from E Squared had the following to say.
“We are really excited to work with Nibble and look forward to playing an integral part in the
business’ growth. Working with Glenn and Ruth has been nothing short of amazing and we
are committed to making the necessary financial and non-financial support to help the
business grow and prepare to scale”.
Established in 2016, Nibble Africa has grown from a group of friends with a passion for
gaming to a fully-fledged creative agency, lifestyle brand, and esports organisation. Nibble
Africa is a level 2 BEE compliant company.

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