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FIFA23: Integral Hosts Invitational In Lagos, Nigeria

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Over the past weekend, Integral, Nigeria’s leading sports marketing and management company, successfully hosted its inaugural FIFA23 Invitational tournament in Lagos.

The event brought together the best players from across the country, all vying for a grand prize of $10,000. A total of 32 players were invited to participate, engaging in a single-elimination format until a worthy champion emerged.

Among the 32 invited participants were renowned household names and community winners such as Arogs, Farouk, and Teluwo Adefolarin, who were highly favored to win. However, the tournament took an unexpected turn when a newcomer, Akinkunmi Oshungboye, emerged as the ultimate champion.

Akinkunmi Oshungboye claimed both the coveted trophy and the $10,000 cash prize, showcasing his remarkable skills and talent in the game.

What set this invitational tournament apart from previous FIFA competitions held in the country was the unique and distinct approach taken by Integral in its execution. The success of the event has garnered significant attention from sports personalities and enthusiasts, shedding light on the burgeoning world of esports. Consequently, various stakeholders have begun to recognize esports as the future and are actively exploring avenues to enter and further develop the industry.

When approached for comment, Abimbola Ilo, the Managing Director of Integral, affirmed the company’s commitment to bringing extraordinary gaming experiences to Nigeria, stating, “We have observed the tremendous growth of gaming, particularly with the FIFA23 title, and as a result, we made a strategic decision to introduce such an incredible gaming event in Nigeria.”

Integral’s FIFA23 Invitational was proudly sponsored by telecommunications giant MTN, the Betting and Lottery Giant Baba Ijebu, First City Monument Bank (FCMB), and several other notable sponsors, further highlighting the significance and support garnered by the tournament.

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