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Esport Reputation Appoints Country Manager For Africa

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A few months back, Esports Reputation hosted a friendly of FIFA20 against West Africa.

The event saw players on their rooster matchup against West Africa’s best FIFA players. The event ended in a draw.

After a successful collaboration, more interest has been shown for esports players in Africa.

Esports Reputation has gone a step further to build stronger relationships with the continent, by appointing a country manger for Africa.

The organization took to twitter to announce the appointment of Metuschela Ange Odie from Ivory coast. Metuschela Ange Odie was instrumental in the successful execution of the Esports Reputation vs West Africa FIFA event.

Speaking to Mr Angie Odie, He had this to say about his appointment:-

“I am happy to be a part of the ESR Family as Africa’s manager. Africa is talented with different esports athletes and I am happy ESR can see that and want to build a relationship with them.
I will like to thank Esports Reputation for the confidence and I look forward to this new function and adventure.”

Congratulations to Mr Ange Odie.

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