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FIFAe: Morocco Leaps in Ranking With Wonderful Performance At World Cup

by Ifeoluwa Akintaju
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After the just-concluded FIFAe Nations Cup in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where Brazil was crowned champions, similar to traditional sports and the FIFA World Cup, rankings of nations will change based on their performances.

In April, FIFAe had ranked its participating countries from Africa as follows:

  1. Morocco – 21
  2. South Africa – 35
  3. Egypt – 68
  4. Ghana – 85
  5. Kenya – 90

During the tournament, the biggest surprise came from Morocco, who advanced to the quarter-finals but failed to progress further to the semi-finals. Despite this, their performance was the best ever by any African team and has earned them a new ranking in the top 10.

Morocco leaped from their previous 21st position to become the 6th best team in the FIFAe rankings.

Other nations like South Africa and Egypt also climbed up to new positions, while Ghana dropped and Kenya retained their position as the last team in the rankings.

In the new rankings, African teams are placed as follows:

  1. Morocco – 6
  2. South Africa – 26
  3. Egypt – 43
  4. Ghana – 87
  5. Kenya – 90

For the complete FIFAe Nations rankings, you can visit this page: https://www.fifa.gg/c/fifae-nations-series-2023/fifae-nations-ranking.

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