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Electronic Navétanes: Fostering Inclusive Innovation Through Gaming and Esports in Senegal

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The Senegalese Federation of Electronic Games and Immersive Sports, together with the National Committee of Promotion of E-Sport in Senegal (CONAPES) and the National Organization for the Coordination of Vacances (ONCAV), is at the forefront of promoting inclusive innovation within the realm of competitive video gaming. This commitment to inclusive innovation recently gave birth to the Electronic Navétanes, or “E-NAVÉTANES,” launched on August 20, 2023, in Kaffrine during the 36th edition of the national sports, cultural, educational, and scientific ONCAV event. This initiative, inaugurated by the Prime Minister and Minister of Sports, Mr. Amadou BA, represents a significant leap towards fostering digital innovation, empowering youth, and stimulating economic growth in Senegal.

The E-NAVÉTANES Initiative: The Electronic Navétanes, known as “E-NAVÉTANES,” represent a multifaceted program that integrates eSports, cultural activities, digital solutions, and innovative strategies aimed at empowering young people and enhancing the E-Sports community in Senegal. This groundbreaking initiative includes:

  1. 14 ORCAV/E-SPORT Leagues: These are 14 regional E-Sport leagues designed to bring competitive gaming to different regions of Senegal.
  2. 46 ODCAV/E-SPORT Leagues: Spanning 46 departments, these leagues facilitate E-Sport activities at the grassroots level, engaging youth in local communities.
  3. 838 ZONES/E-SPORT Leagues: With 838 zonal E-Sport leagues, this initiative offers widespread participation opportunities, ensuring that young people from all corners of Senegal can partake in the E-Sport movement.
  4. 8866 ASC/E-SPORT Teams: The Electronic Navétanes involve 8866 Sports and Cultural Associations (ASCs), which translates to 8866 E-Sport teams, reflecting the substantial scale of this program.

In essence, the E-NAVÉTANES initiative boasts a potential participant base exceeding 235,206 LICENSEES, marking a significant milestone in the world of E-Sport. Beyond its sheer numbers, this initiative is pioneering a novel approach to E-Sport by engaging millions of supporters and sympathizers of various CSAs (Sports and Cultural Associations) and offering myriad opportunities to promote E-Sport and its associated professions among the youth. The core objective is to nurture their creativity and talents, thereby fostering inclusive socio-cultural values that will drive sustainable growth in Senegal’s digital economy.

Promoting Digital Professions and Entrepreneurship: While the E-NAVÉTANES competitions take center stage, this initiative extends its impact through comprehensive training programs focused on digital professions. These programs aim to equip individuals with the skills necessary for creating engaging and educational digital content. By doing so, they not only stimulate the digital economy but also contribute to enhancing youth employability and fostering entrepreneurship. Senegal possesses vast untapped potential in these domains, making the E-NAVÉTANES initiative a catalyst for unlocking new opportunities and growth.

Senegal’s Electronic Navétanes, represented by the E-NAVÉTANES initiative, symbolize a paradigm shift in the promotion of E-Sports, digital innovation, and youth empowerment. Beyond mere gaming, this program aspires to create a holistic ecosystem that nurtures creativity, fosters inclusivity, and drives socio-cultural values in line with the demands of the digital age. By emphasizing training in digital professions and supporting entrepreneurship, the E-NAVÉTANES initiative holds the promise of a brighter and more prosperous future for the youth of Senegal and the nation as a whole.


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