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RWC Racing Vol 1: Africa’s Own Mobile Racing Game

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It is no news that mobile is gradually topping television in terms of time spent on screen daily.

Part of that time on screen is spent gaming. Those who game on mobile devices are said to spend and average of 6.5 hours a week gaming and 78% do daily.

With mobile gaming industry expected to top $100 billion by 2021, more mobile games are being developed. Also game developers on PC and console are working on creating mobile versions for their game titles.

Africa, a young and new region in the gaming and esports industry has also jumped on the train of game development, with developers tying Africa’s rich cultures to the games.

In Ghana, West Africa, a young developer by the name Dynasto Afedo has created a mobile racing game where gamers can use popular African vehicles like the taxi cab, Tricycle (popularly know as keke) and buses which are called Danfo or Tro-Tro to race.

Racers can win virtual cash and coins when they win races. This can be used to purchase a faster vehicles. The game has different chapters. Tracks in each chapter must be completed before a racer can move to the next chapter.

RWC Racing has been widely accepted within the gaming community and stakeholders expect it to go beyond the region.

RWC Racing vol 1 is available for download on the Apple and google appstores.

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