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Tekken Female Pro-Gamer Queen Arrow Joins UYU

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At the latter part of 2020, one of Africa’s prominent female pro-gamers, Queen Arrow parted ways with Brutal Democracy.

For undisclosed reasons, she took to twitter to announce her decision to leave.

The prolific Tekken pro-gamer, who is a lawyer by day and a gamer at night and has been recognized both in Africa and abroad has joined a new team.

Queen Arrow has joined UYU as a member of their content team.

Both parties took to twitter to make the announcement, with UYU welcoming Queen Arrow to the team.

UYU is an esports organization that gives players and content creators the tools and platform to take their game and content to the next level.

UYU has quickly established itself as a leader in the Fighting Game Community, Call of Duty and other titles.

Working in collaboration with some of the industry’s top talents and brands, UYU is continually pushing to elevate the quality and originality of its team content and competitive performance.

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