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Africa Joins Electronic Football Association

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After a successful campaign at the EFA World Cup, where Africa flew her flags, the continent has now become a region in the EFA rooster.

Africa as a community was not part of the EFA and the World Cup was the first time the continent was participating.

Africa was the only missing region on EFA’s platform. As a result, the organization  moved  to adopt Africa into its community rooster.

EFA added Nigeria, Ghana, Morocco, Angola, Egypt, Senegal, Ivory coast, Zimbabwe and Tunisia. The organization plans to expand to more countries in the region.

Countries  adopted either have a FIFA Pro Clubs national team or run a league, while some countries have both, which meets the goals of the EFA.

As part of the commitment of EFA to Africa, EFA will be hosting an Nations eCup for the continent starting in few weeks.

The EFA is an international organization of eSports, Proclubs / FIFA, with the purpose of helping in the growth and expansion in all the participating countries, always with objective and transparency, seeking the valorization of the players and all the involved.



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