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WESCO’s Court Of Arbitration Of Electronic Sports Adds African Arbitrator To Board

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As esports continues to become globally accepted, just like any other sport, Esports will have its legal issues between stakeholders.

WESCO (World Esports Consortium) created CAES (Court of Arbitration of Electronic Sports). An institution that oversees esports legal issues.

CAES is an autonomous institution with a vocation for service; to face the challenges of the present and future of electronic sports in the world, with members committed to the process of change, transformation and modernity; that translates into legal certainty and inspires full confidence in the world of video games, video players and all entities involved in the world of Esports, with adequate administrative and technological support.

CAES regulations, guaranteeing legal certainty and jurisdictional protection, to contribute to the global development of the video game industry.

CAES Board members are lawyers and professionals from all over the world.Their primary roles are adjuducating on esports disputes between members of the global WESCO community through arbitration and also serve as advisors on esports policy and development globally through consultations.

WESCO who continues to support the growth of esports in Africa has just appointed Senator Iheneyen of Nigeria to the board of CAES.

Senator, is a the lead partner of Infusion Lawyers, an intellectual property and technology law firm for the knowledge economy and the digital age where he advises clients in Nigeria’s digital economy.

He is also a member of esports Nigeria, where he serves as a legal consult.

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