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rAge Digital Edition to host the Africa Games + Esports Careers Day

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The Africa Games + Esports Careers Day, is a free online event that will be hosted by rAge Digital Edition on Friday, 6 November.


The Africa Games + Esports Careers Day is an opportunity to hear from industry pioneers and experts about how they built their careers in the games industry and where the next big opportunities may lie. Speakers include a cross-section of gaming and esports professionals who work in various parts of the industry. Game developers, journalists, entrepreneurs, educators and influencers are among the dynamic professionals in the broad line up of speakers.


Young people and parents are invited to be a part of this free virtual event that will provide a unique opportunity to discover the many valid – and potentially lucrative – career paths that are available in the gaming industry. Developed by Big5 Games, the Africa Games + Esports Careers Day brings the best of the continent’s gaming minds together, to help educate the next generation of gaming and esports stars across Africa.

Kevin Meltzer, CEO and Co-founder of Big5 Games says, “We’re emphasizing the fact that there are many career opportunities in the gaming industry. The games market is truly global which means it offers a far larger audience than just the continent. With remote work now easily accepted there are gaming career paths available across the world.

We’re hoping to get more students and parents excited about the gaming industry, so that, rather than wanting to become the next big movie or music celebrity, the youth of Africa want to become the next big gaming stars”.


The diverse topics covered over the course of the Africa Games + Esports Careers Day will unpack the gaming ecosystem, including (among other things) gaming development, esports, content creation and gaming journalism.

“By discussing the entire ecosystem, we would like to identify all the avenues that can be explored,” continues Kevin. “Besides making and playing games, there are many other ways to access the industry”.


Lockdown has seen interest in the gaming industry grow considerably. And investment in game creation is increasing. As one of the world’s most exciting entertainment industries, career opportunities are growing, too. But there is still a widespread misconception about the validity of gaming-related careers.

“Many parents don’t yet see gaming as a serious career path for their children,” concludes Kevin. “But it’s more than just a recreational industry. Gaming is a hugely creative space with lots of different possible careers to pursue. Like all industries, making it to the top is difficult and requires dedication. We hope we can change the narrative around gaming as a career and provide valuable advice and guidance to broaden horizons for both young people and parents”.

Book your free ticket online now to gain first-hand industry insight into the careers that are available in gaming and esports.

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