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Kenyan Pro-Gamer Queen Arrow Joins Red Bull Gaming

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When talking about pro gamers in Africa, the list is incomplete without Queen Arrow from Kenya.

The vibrant lawyer and Tekken professional gamer have become a symbol for every girl in Africa who wants to go into gaming.

Queen Arrow doesn’t just represent Africa in gaming, her accolades include speaking at gaming and esports events about the need for inclusion for the girl gamer as well as Africa being recognized globally.

Recently, Queen Arrow joined Red bull gaming and took to Twitter to announce what turned from a visit/attendance of an event to a shocking welcome to the Red Bull gaming family.

With this development, Queen Arrow becomes the first Kenyan esports athlete to join the Red Bull roster of sports talents.

Red bull, which is an energy drink is popularly known for its support for sports and esports. The global drink is known for having its own esports rooster as well as signature marquee events.

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