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Ivoire Esports: Addict’ive Hosts Sunny Smash Event

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Addict’ive, an events management organization that promotes esports in Ivory Coast, West Africa presents Sunny Smash.
Sunny Smash is an esports event that brings together the esports community in Ivory Coast  to battle it out in different game titles.
The event will hold tournaments in:

– Clash Royale
– Pubg Mobile
– COD Mobile

– Tekken

There will be side attractions and free game plays in Crash team Racing, Street Fighter IV Ultra and Granblue fanatasy versus.

The will take place on March 14 2020, at the Goethe Institut, Cultral Center, Abidjan, Ivory Coast, who are also partners of the event.

The event is proudly supported by Ivoire Esports, CV2T, Ghost Team, TAO Fights, Tsubaki Game Center

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