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Index G Esports and Mount Kenya University To Launch Kenya’s First University Esports Co-Curricular

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Mount Kenya University (MKU) and East Africa’s premier esports agency IndexG Esports have partnered to unveil Kenya and Eastern Africa’s first university esports co-curricular program.

Under the partnership, MKU officially adopts esports as a co-curricular activity with IndexG serving as a technical partner to the institution. IndexG shall provide the institution with its expertise in running its esports team, using esports as a student engagement tool, and using esports to engage with the corporate world to open partnership opportunities for the institution.

Prof. Simon Gicharu, Mount Kenya University founder and BOD Chairman enjoys a game of PlayStation.

While making the announcement, the university founder and BOD Chairman Prof. Gicharu said,

“By recognizing the potential of esports, universities in Kenya can create an inclusive environment that nurtures talent, empowers students, and prepares them for opportunities in the ever-evolving digital landscape.”

Ronny Lusigi, IndexG Esports CEO lauded the University for embracing esports and showing commitment,

“We are very happy that the MKU administration led by Prof. Gicharu has accepted to have esports as an official sport in their university. We are happy to be working with them in this historic endeavor. We are also impressed by the level of commitment shown. Already they have invested by buying video gaming equipment and offering a dedicated venue for the esports team.”

The MKU “gamers bay” display banner.

The university administration has bought three PlayStation 5 consoles and three 45” TV screens for the first phase of the program. They have also offered a gaming space, named the “gamers bay” that shall host the team.

An MKU student poses with copies of the game titles the university shall be taking part in.

For a start the university shall have teams in three game titles; FIFA, NBA2K, and Tekken.

Source: IndexG Esports

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