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Esports Ghana Hosts Accra Vs Kumasi FIFA20 Battle

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As esports stakeholders in Africa work towards connecting and developing esports from the grassroots, different concepts to engage the African youth are being adopted.

Ghana esports hosts Accra vs Kumasi. Accra vs Kumasi is a FIFA 20 battle event, using two capital cities in Ghana, West Africa. The event will present a platform for grassroot FIFA players in the cities to battle it out for who has the best players and ofcourse bragging rights when youths in the two cities debate about esports.

The battle will take place online on Friday Feburary 21st and will be streamed on esports Ghana’s youtube and facebook live channels.

The event is proudly supported by WESCO (World Esport Consortium), Techxhub, Steele Series and African esports championship.

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