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Africa Tells Her Own Story – First African Esports Documentary

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With Africa being the last frontier of esports, there has been much debate as to whether esports really exists in Africa with the exclusion of Africans in several global tournaments and lack of servers in major parts of the continent.

As a result, Africa is telling her own story by introducing an African esports documentary produced by WatchOut Le Films.
This is the very first documentary film on esport in Africa, which offers an immersion at the heart of its emergence on the continent.
A fascinating journey to discover the fun video industry which will exclusively reveal the intimacy of its main players, including: event organizers, gamers, video game developers, game room owners , resellers etc …
So from behind the scenes, immerse yourself not only in the realities they face but in addition, discover the challenges of this very promising sector for Africa.

Watch Out Africa is coming…

The Technical sheet:
Written and directed by: Carine Moulot

Duration: 90 mins

Filming locations: Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Burkina

Filming languages: English & French.

Available in:
French version with French subtitle English
version with English subtitle

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