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Africa Flies Her Colors At the Orange Esports Experience

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The Orange Esports Experience has come to an end with different gamers across Africa showing their skills and talents.

Popularly known as OEE, is a yearly event by telecom giant, Orange where it brings together gamers in different titles across Africa to compete for honors and bragging rights.

This year’s edition offered competition in FIFA23, Street Fighter V and eFootball23 and 14 countries participate. After the qualifiers in different participating countries, winners were flown to Abidjan, Ivory Coast to attend the Grand Finale.

After 2 days of exciting battles, winners in each titles have been crowned as the Kings of OEE23

In FIFA23, Egypt was crowned winner, Cameroun and Ghana came second and third respectively.

In eFootball23, Madagascar claimed the bragging rights with Morocco and Guinea placing second and third.

The most exciting event was the street fighter where popular fan favorite, Lord Nokum from Cote d’Ivoire threw the crowd into a frenzy by clinching the championship and Cameroun and Morocco placing second and third respectively.

The OEE23 lived up to expectation as gamers and fans are already looking forward to OEE24.

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