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Gamers 8: Cote D Ivoire and South Africa Tekken Players To Fly Africa’s Colors

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As the esports ecosystem prepares for the biggest annual tournament, Gamers 8, more gamers and fans are gearing up for an exciting and thrilling month of July.

Gamers 8 is an esports event organized by the Saudi Esports Federation, where elite gamers and teams from around the world gather in Riyadh to compete for glory and a staggering amount of prize money.

This year’s edition has captured the attention of the entire esports community with the announcement of a $45,000,000 prize pool across various game titles.

One of the featured game titles on the list is Tekken 7, which will host a 3 versus 3 battle nations cup lasting for four tournament days, from July 6 to July 9. This event will showcase 48 international players who have been invited to compete for a remarkable $1,000,000 prize.

Africa will proudly display its flags at the Tekken event with six players representing Ivory Coast and South Africa.

The Ivory Coast team will consist of their finest players, including the popular wonder kid Skywalker, who also serves as the team captain, Ivoiro-Akon, and Shaoling. The South African team will be led by Callym Beukes, accompanied by his teammates Spaghetti and Ghost.

Apart from North African countries, who participated in the Arab Esports Cup last year, this will be the first time Africa represents the region at the Gamers 8 event.

The community has warmly welcomed this inclusion, and many are eagerly anticipating the teams’ impressive showcase of African talent and their potential to secure a portion of the $1,000,000 cash prize.

Africa wishes Team Ivory Coast and South Africa the best of luck in the tournament.


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