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PES2021: Momojuve flies Senegal and Africa’s Flag At eFootball Open World Finals

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Africa continues to make a statement in esports on the international stage.

Prior to to covid, many international esports tournaments kept overlooking Africa in terms of participation.

Whether covid was the blessing in disguise for African esports, we will never know.

More African pro players have started getting a platform to compete with the rest of the world.

The most recent is the PES eFootball Open World finals, where the best of the best in the game title will slug it out in Xbox one, PlayStation 4 and Steam categories.

In the steam category, which is PC based, Africa is being represented by Senegalese pro player Momojuve.

Momojuve who is signed to Solo Esports in Senegal is among the top 4 players who will play for a place in the finals.

Momojuve will face off against Nobrega from Brazil for a chance to play the winner between Npk-02 from Italy and EV_sebacab96 from Argentina.

The semifinal campaign for Momojuve kicks of on Sunday July 18th on PES eFootball, YouTube and Twitch channel.

The PES eFootball Open is an online esports tournament available to all PES players. Previously known as PES League, is the showpiece event at the end of the competitive PES Season for 1v1 competition. The event was originally founded in 2003 and has historically determined the official 1vs1 e-sports world championship of the soccer videogame Pro Evolution Soccer.

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