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Valorant: Egyptian Anubis Gaming Wins Redbull Campus Clutch

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Anubis Gaming from Egypt, Africa have just been crowned champions of the Redbull campus clutch.

Anubis Gaming who represented the region went against 11 other regional finalist in Madrid, Spain.

On the route to the championship, Anubis Gaming topped their group winning 4 games and losing 1 before conquering BTR from Canada 2-0 in the semi-finals and and then pulling a strong comeback to clinch the title with a 3-2 victory over Project S from Portugal.

Anubis Gaming who will be smiling home with 20,000 euros are the first African team to clinch such a title.

This has sent excitement down the spine of esports fans in the African ecosystem. Many stakeholders believe it shows what Africa is capable of.

The Red Bull Campus Clutch is the biggest Valorant tournament at the university level in the world. In over 400 events around the world, the tournament includes more than 25,000 participants from over 50 countries.

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