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FIFAe Nations Ranking: Where Does Africa Stand?

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Africa has demonstrated its competitive strength in the recently concluded FIFAe Nations Series 2023 online qualifiers. Morocco and Egypt emerged as the top two teams in their group, with South Africa advancing to the next stage.

Like traditional football, points are crucial in determining rankings in the FIFAe Nations Series. The FIFAe Nations Ranking System takes into account the matches played between two or more eligible member associations within the FIFAe Nations Series. Moreover, the system awards points for each qualification stage on the road to the FIFAe Nations Cup.

In the latest rankings, out of 90 countries, African teams held different positions, with Morocco leading the way for the continent.

Here is the ranking for African teams:

  1. Morocco – 21
  2. South Africa – 35
  3. Egypt – 68
  4. Ghana – 85
  5. Kenya – 90

Many people anticipate improvements in subsequent editions as African countries participate for the first or second time in FIFAe Nations. Consequently, more African countries are expected to join the rankings soon.

You can view the full FIFAe Nations ranking on this page: https://www.fifa.gg/c/fifae-nations-series-2023/fifae-nations-ranking.

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