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Nigeria Esports Federation Partners with MOONTON Games, Endorses Mobile Legends: Bang Bang as Official Esports Partner

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The Nigeria Esports Federation (NESF) is thrilled to announce its partnership with MOONTON Games, a leading mobile game developer and publisher, solidifying Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) as the official esports partner of the NESF.

This groundbreaking partnership signifies a monumental step forward in the Nigerian esports landscape, as both organizations commit to fostering growth and development within the esports community. Under the terms of the partnership, MOONTON Games will license NESF-initiated, organized, or supported third-party tournaments, including the prestigious national league, further enhancing the competitive gaming experience for Nigerian players.

Furthermore, MOONTON Games will provide invaluable support to third-party tournaments through comprehensive marketing initiatives, broadcast assistance (including the provision of broadcast API and tournament access), and exciting in-game prizes. This support will elevate the visibility and accessibility of esports tournaments, attracting a wider audience and empowering aspiring esports athletes across Nigeria.

“Partnering with MOONTON Games marks a significant milestone for the Nigeria Esports Federation and this is coming in good time as we are about to commence our national qualifiers for MLBB towards the IESF World Esports Championship in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia,” said Yahaya Maikori, President of the NESF. “We are excited to collaborate with a global leader in the esports industry to enhance the competitive landscape and provide unparalleled opportunities for Nigerian gamers.”

“We are delighted to join forces with the Nigeria Esports Federation as their official esports partner,” said Jaime Lorenzo Cruz, Head of Esports, MENA, at MOONTON Games. “Through this partnership, we aim to empower the Nigerian esports community, celebrate their passion for gaming, and elevate the esports experience to new heights.”

The NESF and MOONTON Games are committed to driving innovation, inclusivity, and excellence within the Nigerian esports’ ecosystem. Together, they look forward to igniting a new era of competitive gaming and inspiring the next generation of esports champions.

For more information about the Nigeria Esports Federation, please visit nigeriaesportsfederation.com.

For more information about MOONTON Games and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, please visit en.moonton.com.


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