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Mobile Game Tournament Finishes Strong With KFC Sponsorship.

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After 3 weeks of mobile gaming, the mobile game tournament has come to an end.

The tournament produced winners in 8 Ball poll, Ludo King and Naija Whot.

The tournament caught attention from Alat NG by Wema bank and as the tournament progressed, KFC jumped on board.

Both brands sponsored the event by rewarding gamers with cash prizes, data and meal vouchers.

Winners of the tournament are:-

Ludo King – Adejoorin Dare (@dareyb)

8 Ball Pool – Jordan Ozumba (Badmanjay_)

Naija Whot – Emaimo Orok (@Katanaflash)


After a successful event, we spoke to Sayo Owolabi and Adeyemi Adesanya, the members of  Lagos Esports Forum and they had this to say.

TAG: Why did you focus on mobile gaming?

SO: Interestingly this was never in our plans till we sealed a Partnership deal with The AfroGamer whose CEO is an avid advocate of Mobile Gaming. So when he proposed it to us we shelved our plans for another tournament to use this to test the waters. This is also coupled with the fact that it is easily accessible to the average Gamer (whether Pro or casual) and there are no logistics challenges made it a winning pitch.

TAG: Brand sponsorship has been a subject of debate for esports events in Nigeria, how did you unlock such huge brands like KFC and Alat by Wema.

SO: We are very excited to be backed by Innovative brands like ALAT by Wema Bank, Nigeria’s leading Digital Bank and KFC Nigeria a global market leader in the fast food business as they go to show not just the potentials of the Mobile Game Tournament but also the credibility of the team at the Lagos ESports Forum.

AA: Every brand wants value. we simply made a value proposition to these brands, which includes access to their target audience, opportunity to embrace a fledgling and growing industry and opening up a new and unique communication channel to its customer and other stakeholders.

TAG: What does the success of this event mean for the industry?

SO: The success of the Mobile Game Tournament simply means just like Games that have levels we have just unlocked another Level for ESports in Nigeria. Mobile Gaming has been more of a casual thing (even worse than console or PC gaming) but with this we have shown that it can be competitive with rewards and as global stats show can be the most viable tool for the the growth of the ecosystem especially in Africa with the internet broadband & server challenges.

TAG: What should we expect after the maiden edition of the Mobile Game tournament?

AA: we can expect more competitions, more engagements, more opportunities to empower gamers and Non gamers as well as educating all stakeholders within and outside the industry.

SO: Simply put I’ll say MORE INNOVATIONS. The Team (Lagos ESports Forum & The AfroGamer) have already swung into action to create a season 2 billed for Q4 2020. We are also exploring International Partnerships (with mobile games publishers) to create a global outlook for the Mobile Game Tournament, so people can look out for that. This is also not forgetting we are still planning the maiden Lagos eChampionships our first offline event.

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