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League Of Legends African Cup

by afrogamer
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It is known in the world of Esports that one of the top five tournaments for Esports players is League of Legends. It’s no surprise Africa is also taking a step in that direction.

From the African League Championship Series and Sengames, the African LOL Cup which takes place from the 27th of June and would be played for 4 weeks. There would be 10 teams from 10 African countries. Senegal, Morroco, Mauritius, Mali, Ghana, Kenya, Togo, Nigeria, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

In light of this, we look forward to seeing which teams represent the 10 countries.
Tonight at 8pm GMT, Sengames would be hosting a talk show to talk about the upcoming tournament, the representing teams, sponsoring and interview with captains of the 10 representing teams on The AfroGamer’s YouTube page.

Written by: Lily Boakye

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