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Africacomicade Launches Tool-based Communities For Creatives In The Games And Animation Industry.

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Africacomicade launches tool-based communities for creatives in the games and animation industry.

What are Africacomicade communities? Africacomicade communities are tool-based communities for African creatives across the continent where they can connect with others using the same tool as they are for co-learning and co-creation, whilst sharing resources. It is a platform to network and learn.

Why Africacomicade Communities? A majority of African creatives learn through MOOCs. It’s important to create a common ground for creatives across Africa to connect, network and share, seeing we have varying strengths and experiences in our growing industry. Being tool-based, it also doesn’t seek to replace existing communities but makes it easy for all stakeholders to access African talent, under various fields and expertise.

Where are we starting from? We’re launching with the major set of tools/software used by creatives across Africa, which include Unity3D, Maya and Blender. We are also championing the introduction of Buildbox into Africa as a profound engine for no code development which can be used to onboard Newbies and those who find coding difficult into the game development industry. These communities are currently being led by highly motivated individuals who have volunteered to dedicate their time , knowledge and resources to supporting other creatives like themselves. They are in charge of coordinate the activities of their respective teams.

How does the community work? The community is intended to be a safe space to network with other creatives using similar tools, find learning partners , co-create, get access to resources and opportunities. Co Creation of activities is hugely promoted as community members are responsible for keeping the community active . Community leads are chiefly responsible for coordinating these activities, expanding the reach and network of the community as well as spearheading actions and plans. Such community activities to be expected would include training, workshops, Fireside sessions and so much more. Newbies would have access to learning paths and everyone is expected to get support within the group by depending on one another.

As an added advantage, the communities are hosted on our official discord server , so members check out other channels and gets access to more people and resources.

If you have any inquiries, suggestions or program that can help grow and support members of the Africacomicade community , email people@africacomicade.org

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