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PUBGM: Community Gears Up For Nigerian Pro League Season 3

by afrogamer
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After a successful season in the Nigeria Pro League, the community is warming up as season 3 is about to start.

African Champions, Team Slime4KT won season 2 and now, new teams are eyeing the title and are
waiting patiently to the start of the new season. Can the reigning champions do a double? Only time will tell.

Wondering what the NPL is? The NPL is a seasonal league for the Pubg mobile community in Nigeria.

The NPL has gradually grown since its inception and has further confirmed the development of esports in both Nigeria and Africa.

Season 1 and 2 featured participation from 32 and 50 teams respectively.

Season 3 has seen over 80 teams register to battle for a spot in the main event which will feature only 32 teams.

Qualifiers will run between Saturday July 4th to Wednesday July 8th, 2020.

Season 3 will have popular pubg mobile content creators such as Mrxflip, Maxman and Riggs as casters of the tournament.

After the qualifers, the tournament will officially kick-off July 14th.

To access more information about the tournament, follow pubg mobile Nigeria on twitter.

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