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Orange Telecom Brings Orange Esports Experience to Senegal

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Under the initiative of Orange Telecom and in partnership with SenGames, the Orange Esport Experience Senegal which runs from April 10 to May 30 gave opportunity to gamers to compete in 3 major esport titles, namely; FIFA21, Street Fighter V and PES 21. The objective of this competition was to set up the selected winners to represent Senegal for the Orange Esport Experience Africa.

The event hosted more than 400 participants with a championship format over several weeks. More than 10,000 views were recorded on the various streaming platforms including Facebook, Youtube and Twitch.

The grand final is scheduled for Saturday, May 22 at Solo Esport and the qualified gamers are gearing up for a shot at of title. For FIFA21, players like Dexx Junior, Addexx and MouhaleSaint are cited as favorites. For PES21, Fahedito, momojuve and Scoop are the players who are the most talked about. For Street Fighter V, players like Bakson, Sidy Kuro and Momomody are to be followed closely.

The cash prize is estimated at $600 (300,000 CFA). The players will have the honor of representing Senegal at the Orange Esport Experience Africa and competing against 15 other African countries. More than 50 players from 15 countries will compete during the Orange Esport Experience, which is an annual meeting forGaming in Africa.

Follow live the finals of the pre-selection of the Orange Esport Experience Senegal on :

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