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Indian Gaming Giant, Mobile Premier League Launches in Nigeria

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Mobile Premier League (MPL), a mobile e-sports and digital gaming platform, has expanded its presence into the African gaming market by launching its app in Nigeria. This move marks MPL’s entry into its fourth continent, as the platform is already established in Asia, North America, and Europe.

The MPL app offers gamers the opportunity to monetize their skills through Paid Competitive Gaming. This unique form of gaming enables users to participate in skill-based gaming contests with varying stakes, going beyond traditional games. To ensure a tailored and engaging gaming experience for Nigerian users, MPL has partnered with Carry1st, a prominent mobile gaming publisher in Africa. This collaboration allows MPL to leverage Carry1st’s extensive knowledge of the African gaming market, which boasts a user base of over 270 million.

Sai Srinivas, CEO and Co-Founder of MPL, expressed excitement about introducing the MPL gaming experience to Nigeria, highlighting the country’s vibrant gaming community. Being the first Indian gaming company to launch in Africa, MPL’s expansion into the Nigerian gaming market signifies its success in the Paid Competitive Gaming space and its commitment to global growth. The company aims to establish a strong presence in Nigeria and provide users with a world-class gaming experience.

In early 2022, MPL forged a partnership with GameDuell, a leading Berlin-based company specializing in community card and board games. MPL has also been operating in the United States for two years. However, in May 2022, MPL discontinued its operations in Indonesia, including the streaming product on the MPL app. The decision was driven by the low return profile of the Indonesian market, leading to the company’s exit from the country and the laying off of 100 employees at that time.

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