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Capcom Pro Tour extends Territories to South Africa

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One of the growing communities in the African esports space is the Fighting Gaming community.

Just like the FIFA and Mobile First Person Shooter gaming communities, the FGC run regular tournaments in Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter and Tekken.

As stakeholders continue to discuss the inclusion of Africa in global and world esports tournaments, a few organizations have started to give Africa the platform to showcase themselves.

Capcom, a gaming organization who are the developers of Street Fighter and other combat games, announced their Capcom ProTour as well as the territories involved. South Africa was a new addition to the expansion list.

The news and inclusion of South Africa sent mixed feelings to the African FGC. While many were excited that Africa was finally given a platform, others were displeased with the fact that the FGC community goes beyond South Africa.

A few FGC gamers mentioned that as much as they are elated about Capcom including South Africa and Africa as a whole, the Organization should not follow the footsteps of others who only give South Africa a chance when supposedly including Africa.

The Capcom Pro Tour which kicks off April 17, will be comprised of more than 30 online regional premiers set across 19 territories and expected to come to South Africa August 7.

 Winners of these online premiers will auto qualify for Capcom Cup VIII which will be held in early 2022. The Capcom Cup VIII will offer a prize pool of more than $200,000. In addition, the top four finalists of each online premier will split a prize pool of $5,000.

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