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AUSC Region 5 Embraces Esports at the 2024 Region 5 Games in Namibia

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In a groundbreaking move set to resonate across the continent, the African Union Sports Council (AUSC) Region 5 has officially added esports as a recognized sports code for the upcoming Region 5 Games, slated to take place in Namibia next year. This decision marks a significant milestone in the evolution of competitive gaming within the region and underscores the growing importance of esports on the continent and on a global scale.

The inclusion of esports in the Region 5 Games represents a forward-thinking shift that aligns with the global trend of integrating digital sports into traditional athletic competitions. This addition is expected to not only attract a younger demographic but also to provide a platform for showcasing the region’s burgeoning talent in the esports arena.

AUSC Region 5, which oversees sports development in Southern Africa, has historically focused on traditional sports such as athletics, basketball, and football. However, the rise of esports has prompted the council to recognize its potential as a legitimate and competitive sport. This decision is anticipated to diversify the range of activities offered at the Games, enhancing the event’s appeal and inclusivity.

Esports has been gaining momentum in Africa, with countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, and Egypt leading the charge. The continent’s youthful population, combined with increasing internet penetration and mobile connectivity, has created a fertile ground for the growth of competitive gaming. The inclusion of esports in the Region 5 Games is a testament to this growth and serves as a recognition of the skill and dedication of African gamers.

The addition of esports to the Region 5 Games is expected to have a lasting impact on the sporting landscape in Southern Africa. This decision comes off the successful demonstration of esports at the last Region 5 games in Malawi, which saw Malawi, Zambia, South Africa and Namibia battle it out to add more medals to their countries. Esports at the games will provides a platform for young gamers to showcase their talents, encourages the development of local esports ecosystems, and promotes a culture of digital literacy and innovation.

Furthermore, this move positions AUSC Region 5 as a progressive and inclusive organization that is responsive to the evolving interests of its member countries’ youth. By embracing esports, the council is not only enhancing the diversity of the Games but also paving the way for future expansions and innovations.


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