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Africacomicade’s Gamathon Returns in November 2021

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The Africacomicade Gamathon is Africa’s largest convention of digital creatives in the games, animation, comics, and XR industry, creating a platform for them to showcase their work, network, and find opportunities for collaboration and funding.

It is a two-week hybrid event, allowing participation from across the world virtually and rounding off with a physical expo event in Lagos, Nigeria. It consists of workshops, industry talks, panel sessions, game pitch competitions, exhibitions, and a game jam.

This year it will take place between 15th and 27th November 2021, with the physical event happening on the final day ( 27th of November).

Africacomicade’s main mission is focused on connecting African digital creatives together to design and develop projects that would impact Africa’s ever-growing creative industry. 

The Vision

Africacomicade envisages a creative African community that can build, collaborate, and sell globally. During Africacomicade’s inaugural Gamathon in 2020, they reached about 200+ creatives and attracted 45+ partnerships across the globe.

The game jam saw the creation of 20+ games and 15 teams won cash prizes from a pool of $6200. There was an emphasis on collaboration across borders and a special prize category was dedicated to the most diverse team. Catch up on the 2020 Gamathon via this review doc.

2021 has seen the Africacomicade team grow in leaps and bounds and now, they are certain they can drive change in the sector and are very excited about the potential impact they are bringing. The Africacomicade Gamathon 2021 is more about showcasing and networking for greater impact! 

Africacomicade in Brief

Africacomicade is an organization that brings together enthusiasts and digital creatives across the games, animation, comics, and movie industries in Africa via insightful events such as conventions, game jams and so much more, to spotlight and showcase their works, as well as connect them to opportunities for learning, collaboration, and funding.

To stay up-to-date with all the nitty-gritty details, check out the website,  follow Africacomicade on social media ( Twitter and Instagram ), join their discord server, and send an email to people@africacomicade.org if you have further questions.

Key Event Dates

Week 1

The first week ( Nov 15-20) is dedicated strictly to the African Games industry and is to be held mainly on Meet-to-matchAll week: There will be fireside chats, Workshops, Panel Sessions, and African Games showcase

18th Nov: Game Jam Commences for 72 hours

20th Nov: Ark Pitch. 

This is a pitch event for African game developers looking for funding and/or support from industry stakeholders and publishers. They’ll get to pitch their games directly to top stakeholders in the industry and get valuable feedback that could lead to potential funding.

21st Nov: Game Jam Submission day

Week 2

The second week ( Nov 22 -27) would involve various creative industry tracks featuring Animation, XR, Comics, Film, and more. 

22nd Nov – 25th Nov: Talks and Panel sessions

26th Nov: Virtual Exhibition on Artsteps

27th Nov: Physical Event at Pixxel Factory, Lagos, Nigeria

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