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Senegal To Build West Africa’s Gaming Hub With New Funding

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Senegal is making strides towards becoming the gaming hub of West Africa.

An agreement has been reached between the French embassy in Senegal and game developer Masseka Game Studio to financially support the establishment of a gaming hub in the country. The deal is valued at approximately €300k.

According to the announcement, the funding will be utilized to develop a “hybrid project.” This project aims to serve as both an incubator and a development studio, with the goal of boosting the gaming industry and positioning Senegal as a prominent hub in West Africa.

Starting in September, Senegalese game developers will be invited to receive training at the new hub, and they will be provided a salary during the training period.

The project also involves the collaboration of game studio Kayfo Games, which will assist with the technical implementation. Additionally, the Senegalese government organization DER F/J, which supports entrepreneurship in the country, will offer office space in the Centre of Dakar to accommodate the new hub.

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