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The gaming industry in Africa has most times centered around gamers and tournament organizers. The gamers and organizers have been so stuck on western games, that a certain community in the industry is hardly mentioned.

Like every gaming community and industry, gaming creatives like developers, visual artistes, writers, music producers and many more do exist in Africa.

These talents though hardly mentioned in conversations concerning gaming, are very vital to the development and existence of many games.

Surprisingly, many talents in the community exists, creating and contributing to African games,that many gamers are not aware of. This disconnect between both communities has become a subject of discussion.

The game development industry in Africa has been buzzing for a couple of years now with African theme-based titles released by major development studios across the continent. With a growing large number of local indie developers working on various games independently without available avenues to make these games published and commercially ready, there is a need to foster collaboration, creativity, and productivity across the game development industry in Africa.

In an event to educate and collaborate with communities in the gaming industry, the game developers and other creatives across Africa have come together to host Africacomicade.

The Africacomicade is a hackathon that brings Africa’s game developers together to design and develop games that would impact Africa’s ever-growing game development industry.

The event which started on Monday 24th of August has had different sessions and panelists discussing topics related to game development in Africa. The event continues till the 30th, with more sessions lined up.

There will also be a session where game developers can competitive for the best developed game.

To join the event, all sessions are available live on the Africacomicade youtube page.

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