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Africa Games Week Hosts “Collaborating with the African games industry” Webinar

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UKIE, the trade body for the UK games and interactive entertainment industry, has teamed up with Africa Games Week to bring you a Zoom webinar on Wednesday 3 August at 11h00 SAST (10h00 BST). 

The African game industry is growing fast with dynamic game studios and an expanding consumer audience. Leaders in the space will discuss the current state of the African games industry and how your business can engage with their consumers and work in partnership with local studios to create the next level of entertainment.

Speaking at the event are industry experts from Africa

Nicholas Hall, CFO of Renderheads, Treasurer of IESA (Interactive Entertainment South Africa), and Co-Founder and Program Director of Africa Games Week, will be sharing on the demographics and make up of the African games consumer market, co-production and opportunities.

Hugo Obi, Founder of Maliyo Games in Nigeria and Sidick Bakayoko, Founder and CEO at Paradise Games in Côte d’Ivoire, will be hosting a panel on how to approach and succeed in the African market, moderated by Rex Bowden

Rex Bowden, Co Founder of Africa Games Week and Managing Director of Catalyze, will present on how Africa Games Week uses collaboration to generate meaningful partnerships.

Why this topic?

The games industry is a global phenomenon. Markets are growing exponentially, driven by diverse and entertaining content being created around the world. Consumers are using a multitude of devices including console, computer, VR and mobile to access this content.

The African games market is one of the world’s fastest and most exciting opportunities. A new generation of consumers are looking for new game content to access and interact with. At the same time many of those consumers are now establishing their own studios and making their own games.

You can register to receive zoom link to the webinar here

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