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After 9 years spent working for the evolution of Esport in Senegal, the time has come for us to reveal to you the best Esport players by game category. Ranking a top is not an easy exercise, often questionable but which remains very challenging and which allows you to have an overview of the players of the SENGAMES community, their palmares, their asset and especially their course. This article is the result of a study based on the various tournaments organized by SENGAMES, but also it takes into consideration the individual performances of each gamer over the years. Are you ready to dive into the history of the best Gamers in Senegal?

Which game to start with? Ah yes the most popular game in Africa of course… FIFA

For the record, the FIFA tournaments really prospered in Senegal after the decline of PES in 2014 more precisely, it was during this period that there were the first ESPORT tournaments in Senegal around the famous opus fifa 14 which was at top. Within Sengames we have seen many champions parade, each with something extra, an incredible talent, but, it must be recognized that for 3 years the world of FIFA has been dominated by Addexx . Adama Thiam of his real name is endowed with incredible capacities a mastery of the mechanics of the game, a master of the possession and the brief construction of the beautiful game. Almost all the participants in our tournaments who crossed his path collected 5-0 7-0 and 10-0 * (which we are formally forbidden now under risk of disqualification, wesh a little humanity man). Triple champion of Senegal on FIFA 18 FIFA 19, finalist of Africa Game Show in Morocco in 2018 and Quarter Finalist FEJA in 2019 Addexx has become an icon of Gaming in Africa, a continental star, a person respected and admired by his exemplary behavior and his modesty.

Besides who other than the young prodigy Mouhamed Thiam aka Dexx Junior . Champion FIFA 18 of the Gamer Assembly, Champion tournament Orange 2018 with 1M of Cash prize and champion Europe Africa Mashup Online in front of 41 players coming from different nationalities, tournament sponsored by Razer and Caturix Tribe, Dexx Junior left to be the successor of his brother .

We finish the FIFA page by mentioning Robert Lewa who dominated the fifa world between 2016 and 2017, FABY Champion (African bloggers and youtubers festival) and who was the captain of the Club Pro fifa 17 team, a wonderful person incredible level pity that he is too busy with his professional activities now but we are thinking of offering him a coaching career

Special mention to Thierry, Sergi, Khassoum and Mouhamed Camara aka MHD who is doing great things on fifa he made the best fifa 19 season with several community tournaments won, a nugget to watch.


Pictures of esports players who have made Senegal proud.

Source: sengeek.com

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