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Esports And Family.

by afrogamer
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I found out about esports after watching a Chinese drama centered around one. I was amazed at how people dedicated their lives to playing games, not just winning it. Since then, I have searched for ways to use my few skills to impact the esports scene in my country.

I have loved playing games, mobile, console and PC games. I have tried my hands at various types but I never saw them as a career, mostly because my dad would have sacked me out of the house if I dared uttered the words gaming and career together.

Growing up in an African family, careers related to medicine, engineering and accounting were seen to be the best path a child could follow. If you decide to change the path cut out by your parents, you were seen to be rebellious or you wanted to be disowned by family. Trust me, African parents study manipulation before they have children. If you are lucky like me, you get to have the choice to pick a career but it always comes with the “I told you so” warning looming over your head.

Through my research I found exceptional teams, players and companies making esports as “normal” as possible. In a society like ours whereby going to school and having a form of certificate is seen as the ultimate road to success, it looks like the fight ahead would be nothing far from war.

We have to learn to take a stand.

From talking to parents and stakeholders in the educational body, I look forward to being one of the few people who can leave a legacy to the building of the dream of esports taken as a career choice for many who enjoy the art and play of games.

Written by Lily Boakye-Boateng

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