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To think the development of a video game for the 2020 US presidential election, where the front runners of the election can battle it out, was a unique idea, think again.

Somewhere in Nigeria, West Africa, a young developer created a video game for the 2019 Presidential elections where the front runners will have to run and overcome obstacles to get to the end.

Tosan Ogharandukun, a programmer and game developer who designed the Presidential Runner game shares his experience about the game he brought to life.

“This was my most memorable project of 2019. I had worked with PlayFactor Games to develop a satirical game about Nigeria’s Presidential election. It was a very challenging project for two reasons;

1. I built the project from scratch using the LUA language and Corona SDK, very little courses existed online at that time. This meant that I had to figure out everything myself. I spent days reading the API documentation, physics collisions and math. Creating custom solutions for each problem I encountered.

2. I was the sole programmer on the project. No mentors, no assistants, just me. Building the project from Inception to completion, and the project kept changing with each passing day (we included a Boko Haram truck attack sequence midway, Naija Airline triggers e.t.c) creating more bugs and more bug fixing.

When I eventually finished the Game, the sense of accomplishment was huge (Even though it was 2d runner). Though, I may not like the Art style, and the code could benefit from proper optimization. It still remains my favorite project from 2019.”

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