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3 Truths of the African Female Gamer

by afrogamer
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Personally, I love playing games. They take my mind of stressful issues and improve my problem solving skills. Although, the big but lingers in the corner, I believe it’s time we address it.

In the few games where I played multiplayer, I met quite a few people, good people, interesting people and the downright rude people. When I had to join a team, or play with others, it was a battle of proving that I was good enough to compete with them.

African Female Gamers Play Harder.

Being a compatitive gamer means you have to give your all. As a female it means giving 101% because our male counterparts always have an attitude of undermining our capabilities as gamers. Hence the dedication to play harder and better. To prove ourselves.

We Face Sexist Remarks.

“Gaming isn’t for women, you should stay in the kitchen.” This is one of the numerous sexist comments female gamers face both online and in person. I have been at the end of those remark but I have male gamers who love the fact that they are playing with a female. So let’s not dwell on the negatives.

45% the Gaming Population are Women

It is known that recently female gamers and spectators are now up to about 45% of the total gaming industry. With women now seeking careers in this industry, it’s an opportunity for the female population to make a space for themselves. Amazing truth too is Esports teams are not gender biased unlike other traditional sports.

So are you a female gamer, let’s connect.

Written By: Lily Boakye – Boateng

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