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Esports As A Tool For Youth And Community Building

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Today I want to draw attention to the emerging new space of Electronic Sports (Esports) and how we can harness its power for youth development and also unify the world in a very unique way.


Esports and video games promote happiness, whether it is family and friends, the very basis of the experience is to ignite excitement and provide entertainment socially amazing and wonderful. When the youth of the world is happy to play their passion, they find creative ways to engage and collaborate across their worlds of living.


Esports is the benchmark driving future technologies. It is the very lifestyle of generation X, Y, and Z. These are the generations born into the smart age. Their adoption rate in digital experiences comes naturally to them. When we look at AI, VR, and 5G technologies, gaming experiences are at the core of the infrastructure and its usage.

The youth of today has at their disposal the power of technology at their hands… what, a time and season to bring into the forefront what ties all things social media, technology, and sportsmanship


Esports uniquely promote learning or Education. The fundamentals of every video game are problem-solving. The power to solve the problems of the world is the pride of every generation and humanity. Video games can offer learning abilities for the youth worth to tackle future problems and enable solutions there off… The entire ecosystem of the gaming Industry of which Esports is just but one pillar has the economic power to transform livelihoods and communities when education becomes its bedrock.

The learning curve for Esports is so minimal. Everyone with or without formal education can play, engage and participate without any inhibitions. It is all about interest leading to passion to play. Learning begins with play and when education is cultivated in a playful environment, its impact is truly transformational.


Esports is everything Sports merge with Technology and Social Life Style. Social Relationships among the youth is being developed across continents via the power of online gaming platforms and social media. The young are connecting via Gaming and social media than any other experience. Creating a powerful social economy online and offline. Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitch, Google, Mixer, and others have an intrinsic relationship with Esports because gamification is a human thing propelled by youth culture.

Esports offers a bridge for all physically challenge rise above with others improving the ability, opportunity, and dignity of their disadvantaged with an appreciation of one another.

Esports promote social inclusion in a competitive way which is fun and enjoyable. Social gaming bridges cultures and brings youths from different communities to play on a level plain environment which is the virtual world. Young people uniting via esports by a shared passion for gaming. Esports allow individuals to represent their culture, team or country with pride.


Team base Esports promote teamwork as every member of the team is key to winning. The strategies, the collaboration, and the principles of winning together is learned by everyone and that transforms lives to be better humans being and allows the space to co-exist


Esports provide the youth with a community that they can belong to. Each gaming community forms a grassroots participatory experience where gamers can connect, play and share.

The very diverse genres of Esports games give rise to different communities for different youth with different appreciation to belong to but the bottom line is every youth can identify themselves with Entertainment Sports.


Esports as an emerging market is creating entrepreneurship drives among the youth. The entire value chain of Esports ecosystem is creating new jobs, new disciplines, innovative and new career options for the youth.

Esports offers diverse opportunities in Entrepreneurship from Hardware to Software to LifeStyle Brands to Content and Media Production. The youth of today just needs to be innovative to create something for themselves and their community.


Esports is the perfect tool to combat social vices, wars and youth violence. Esports like sports triggers chemicals in the brain that can make you feel happier and relaxed. A happy generation promotes goodwill among all and seeks nonviolence as a means to play together

If the future belongs to the youth then Esports is the future of peaceful coexistence and discipline among the youth where teamwork, community building, and social change is the pride of every government and leadership

I conclude by saying that these are just my thoughts but I believe there is more we can deliberate and discuss #Esports as a tool for youth development. Kindly express your thought in the comment section. I really will love your feedback.

Untile another article… Cheers, and enjoy your day!

Kwesi Hayford | EsportsGhana President | Email: qkwecy@gmail.com | skype: Ebenhay | Cell: +233 24 222 333 5

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